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What are PTZ CCTV security cameras?

The guide to PTZ cameras
What are PTZ Cameras?

PTZ stands for pan, tilt and zoom – meaning they can literally pan out, tilt to cover multiple areas and zoom in on a specific point of interest.

PTZ cameras allow you to remotely monitor larger areas that would potentially require several fixed cameras to do the same job. The pan, tilt and zoom features enable the camera to move up & down and zoom in for more area coverage and much greater detail.
How Does A PTZ Camera Work

They are fitted with mechanical parts to allow for movement of the lens and camera. Depending on the PTZ camera you have installed, the camera or software enables the position of the camera to move to a set program. You can, for example, set the camera to automatically react and move when suspicious activity is detected, allowing for the camera to follow the action as it moves along.

Range of movement on the camera depends on the model and its capabilities. 360 degree pan cameras have the ability to turn full circle, which eliminates blind spots. PTZ cameras with 180 degree tilt means the camera can see in all directions; above, below and straight ahead. The tilt and pan features enable the camera to view action taking place right next to or behind it.

The more flexible the cameras abilities, the better the results will be, so full movement PTZ cameras are recommended. A number of PTZ camera models also feature digital pan and tilt, which means that the video can be removed after recording has finished.

Surveillance cameras come with a choice of two zoom types – optical and digital. Optical means that the lens can actually move to zoom in, which enlarges the field of activity by moving in closer. The image quality is retained, meaning the cameras carry on recording perfect video.

With digital zoom, you have the ability to zoom in on a specific area after the video has finished recording. Digital zoom basically just enlarges a current image, so the quality of the video could be reduced if you zoom in too far, causing pixelation to the image.

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