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The benefits of ANPR cameras and how they work to protect your business

You can increase the security of your business premises with the addition of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, which provide 24 hour number plate monitoring for extra piece of mind.

You can track when and what time vehicles are entering and leaving your business premises and if anything looks suspicious, or some type of criminal activity occurs on your premises, you’ll have all the information you need on hand.

An ANPR security system has the ability to record every vehicle that visits your premises, even if the weather is bad or the lighting conditions are poor, or if the vehicle drives in too fast – in the event of a crime taking place, the ANPR cameras will have recorded the vehicles number plates.

How can ANPR cameras protect your business?

ANPR cameras are suitable for all types of businesses, large or small. Industrial estates, petrol stations and businesses with car parks can benefit hugely from an ANPR camera system, ensuring their premises, entrances and exits are monitored for criminal activity on a daily basis.

With vehicles coming and going every day at different times, having the ability to monitor and observe activity around your business premises can be very useful.

ANPR Cameras can:

  • Identify vehicles entering and leaving the premises
  • Identify and record regular visitors to your business
  • Prevent criminal activity from taking place
  • Identify ‘black-listed’ vehicles and prevent them from entering the premises
  • Identify vehicles that stay too long on the premises

ANPR uses the latest technology providing you with super clear, high quality images. ANPR cameras capture multiple images of a vehicle entering the designated area and stores them on a database. The registration number plate is then converted by the system software and stored.

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This news was posted on Friday, December 16th, 2016, read more Guide.

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