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Colour v Black & White Security Cameras

A simple guide from on the advantages and disadvantages of both

Colour surveillance cameras have now become the favoured option in the UK over black and white security cameras, providing excellent image quality in situations where there’s good lighting, such as in well-lit stores, or for day-time viewing.

Colour security cameras are particularly useful in providing more detailed information, such as the colour of a vehicle, or for picking out the colour of clothing that a suspect is wearing.

However, to be sure of good colour information, there has to be good lighting with visible white light to achieve good colour video images.

And when it comes to night time viewing, almost all high-quality colour security cameras see in black and white only, adjusting themselves depending on the level of light.

Black & white security cameras generally cost less than colour cameras as they are cheaper and easier to manufacture. In some instances this may not be the case, as there are superior quality black and white security cameras on the market that cost more due to their ability to be able to provide good lighting images in low-light situations.

Black and white security cameras do achieve brighter images in low-light conditions, however some top quality colour cameras could produce better results than a cheap black & white camera.

There are colour cameras on the market that produce brighter images than black & white cameras but they do cost more. On comparing a colour camera aginst a black & white one of exactly the same quality, the black and white camera will always be brighter in the darkness.

Finally, black & white security cameras tend to have a higher resolution, resulting in sharper quality images compared to those from a colour camera of the same quality.

To conclude, colour cameras are great for day time viewing or in well-lit areas, however when it comes to night time, colour cameras only see in black and white anyway, so you could save yourself a few pounds by purchasing a black and white camera, it all depends on what your particular requirements and budget are.

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This news was posted on Friday, December 23rd, 2016, read more Guide.

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