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Dome Cameras for Home or Business Security

A dome security camera provides total surveillance around your home, or in a business environment. They are small, neat, compact cameras that have the ability to view from many directions.

Many dome cameras on the market today are also great for outdoor surveillance, as well as being the perfect choice for the home, or a business. Some dome security cameras are even vandal proof.

Dome cameras all send the footage/images over the network, directly onto the customer’s computer for viewing via a screen/monitor.

There’s a wide choice of dome security cameras to pick from, which all vary in price and include features which range from simple to the more complex.

They are ideal for use within a business environment, as they are small, discreet and incredibly durable.

Dome cameras are shaped like a dome and perfect for indoor surveillance, often going unnoticed. The way they work makes it really hard to know exactly in which direction they are pointing.

They are a popular choice for indoor use around the home and can be positioned neatly in the corner of a room, or placed in a large area such as the hallway.

To provide maximum coverage, dome cameras tend to swivel and are available in a wide range of styles with numerous features such as indoor, outdoor, Infrared, Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ), Internet Protocol (IP) and vandal proof for outdoor use.

Not only are dome cameras small and compact, they are easy to install and come in a variety of colour choices too.

They really are a smart little camera, with their tinted glass, or plastic coverings and rotation features, they stop people from knowing exactly which way they are pointing.

With so many dome security cameras to choose from, knowing which one is right for your surveillance needs can make purchasing a CCTV camera system difficult.

Our advice would be to speak to the experts – fully qualified CCTV installers know exactly what type of camera is best suited to your specific needs and requirements, not to mention your budget.


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