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Home CCTV cameras and planning permission

What are the laws regarding CCTV cameras installed on residential properties

Home CCTV installation does not require any planning permission as it is covered under the Data Protection Act. You can install CCTV at your home to protect your property and the areas around it.

However, there are rules that need to be followed to ensure you use your CCTV system in the correct way. If it is not correctly installed, or if it is used for purposes different to what it was designed to do, then further action could be taken out against you under other laws.

Home CCTV cameras and planning permission

Private gate with CCTV warning sign © Copyright Christine Johnstone and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


If you do install CCTV cameras on the outside of your property, you must not point the cameras directly onto another person’s property, such as your neighbours. They could take action against you for violating their privacy and involve the police.

If you are on good terms with your neighbours, an idea would be to speak to them and let them know of your intentions. They might even decide to join forces on shared outdoor CCTV cameras to protect both properties.

You must not fix cameras on the outside of your property such as on public fencing, street lights, trees or public buildings unless you’ve written to the appropriate authorities and been granted permission.

As a domestic user, you don’t need to make people aware that CCTV is in operation at your property but it’s advisable to use signs anyway, as they do act as strong deterrents and cover you if someone wishes to make a claim against you about the way in which you are using your CCTV cameras.

If you live in rented accommodation, you must get written permission from the landlord or owner of the property before you install CCTV.

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