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Outdoor CCTV surveillance for a business is vital; CCTV cameras act as a strong visual deterrent in the fight against crime.

Business CCTV cameras don’t hide the fact they are there, with large cameras on view and signs up telling people that CCTV is in operation, criminals are left in no doubt that if they do attempt some sort of criminal activity, they will be caught on camera and the evidence used against them in court.

Outdoor business CCTV cameras allow members of staff to monitor the outside of the building and its perimeters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any threat to security is picked up immediately, ensuring a rapid response by staff, who can if necessary contact the police.

Entrance and exits points are used by criminals too, so these need to be monitored constantly, along with all windows and fire exits, so any attempted break-ins are picked up by the cameras.

CCTV cameras covering car parks are essential not only for employees but for customers using large retail car parks etc..

Wide angle lenses are normally used for outdoor car park monitoring as they can cover large areas. Pan, tilt and zoom cameras are a common choice when it comes to business car park surveillance. They are capable of moving in and focusing on a specific incident.

Vehicle identification is paramount, not only to check for potential car theives or vandals but to keep an eye on suspicious vehicle activity.

Loading bays within a business need constant monitoring, to ensure that safety measures are adhered to and the vehicles loading up are the ones authorised to to so.

Any machinery left outside should be monitored by CCTV cameras, as they are at risk of theft or vandalism, plus the perimeter of your business premises may also benefit from proper CCTV coverage. Cameras positioned on walls and fences will enable early identification of intruders.

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